Warung Prancis of International Office in Tadulako University had been visited by two guests: Philippe Grange (the Attache for cooperation in French in Indonesia – IFI (The Embassy of France in Indonesia)) and Benoit Bavouset (director of IFI in Surabaya). Four lecturers from different faculties in Tadulako University who are also the alumni of France University; Dr. Moh. Noval S.E., DEA, Dr. Ir. Nur Sangaji DEA, Prof. Dr. Ir. Syukur Umar DESS, and Prof. Konder Manurung DEA., Ph.D and also Herningsih, S.S (French teacher) of  Madrasah Aliyah Swasta Putri Aisiyah Palu high school joint the visiting on August 20th 2019.

This visiting aimed to provide concrete support for the improvement of the quality of French teaching in Indonesia as this meeting was warmly welcomed by the head of International Office of Tadulako University, Prof. Marsetyo, M.Sc.,Agr.Ph.D and the coordinator of Warung Prancis, Happy Puspitasari S.S. Moreover, Philippe and Benoit informed some programs as though joint research between universities in France and Tadulako University, visiting professor of universities in France to Tadulako University, list of master and doctoral degrees programs in France which interestingly easier to be applied than the few past years and student exchange program. This was considered to be a great opportunity for Tadulako University where both students and lecturers are facilitated well to prepare themselves in joining those programs. Besides, the four alumni of France universities and the French teacher of Madrasah Aliyah Swasta Putri Aisiyah Palu high school discussed, motivated and even gave some tips of how to learn French to students from Banua Prancis community. The students were also asked some questions related to France by the two guests as a quiz.

Banua Prancis is a community joint by some students of Tadulako University where they can learn French, get updating information of scholarship to pursue degrees in France, and general information about France. Furthermore, the students presented and share some programs done by Banua and Warung Prancis community as well.



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