Tadulako University (hereinafter referred to as UNTAD), Indonesia and I-Shou University (hereinafter referred to as as ISU), Taiwan, recognizing that academic exchanges and cooperation between the two parties would be benefical to all concered, agree upon this Agreement as follows.
1. The two parties will encourage the following activities in Sciance and Technology, and related fields.
(1) Exchange of faculty members and researchers.
(2) Exchange of undergraduate and graduate students.
(3) Conducting joint research and academic meetings.
(4) Exchange of Information, publications and materials for academic purpose.
(5) Other activities as may be mutually agreed by the twoparties to this agreement.
2. The aforementioned activities shall be realized by means of consultation and the exchange of relevant information between appropriate members of the two parties.
3. This agreement will remain valid from the date signed by the dully designated officials of the respective universities. The effective period is 5 years, and it will be automatically renewed unless a written notice is given six months in advance of the desired termination date.
4. This Agreement may be amended by the two parties by mutual agreement.
5. Only the English version of this Agreement has binding effect.

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