Vision, Mission, and Focus


To support Tadulako University in the internatonal arena towards regional and world class university


  1. To Promote implementation of teaching, researching and community service in the international arena.
  2. To develop a network and collaboration between Tadulako University and International Institutions.
  3. To provide the best service for students, researchers and scientists and foreign partners.

What is our Focus?

  • Facilitator
  • International Learning and Teaching
  • International Research and Research Training
  • International Knowledge Transfer
  • International Engagement

Established in March 2011, the office provides good University service (as a facilitator) of inbound and outbound; provides information to foreign students and visitors of the University (student exchange/faculty or visiting scholar); provides information (International Knowledge Transfer/Knowledge Transfer International); assists students and lecturers in international learning process; facilitates foreign students or visiting scholars in terms of needed administration; initiates and prepares cooperation with international partners (such as preparing for MoU signing); maintains existing networks Coordination (Teaching, Training, exchange program, International Research and Research Training); establishes Organization for international promotion of international activities of universities (International Involvement or International Engagement).