To support Tadulako University in the international level towards regional and world class university


  1. To Promote implementation of teaching, researching and community service in the international arena.
  2. To develop a network and collaboration between Tadulako University and International Institutions.
  3. To provide the best service for students, researchers and scientists and foreign partners.

What is our Focus?

  • Facilitator
  • International Learning and Teaching
  • International Research and Research Training
  • International Knowledge Transfer
  • International Engagement

Established in March 2011, the office provides good University service (as a facilitator) of inbound and outbound; provides information to foreign students and visitors of the University (student exchange/faculty or visiting scholar); provides information (International Knowledge Transfer/Knowledge Transfer International); assists students and lecturers in international learning process; facilitates foreign students or visiting scholars in terms of needed administration; initiates and prepares cooperation with international partners (such as preparing for MoU signing); maintains existing networks Coordination (Teaching, Training, exchange program, International Research and Research Training); establishes Organization for international promotion of international activities of universities (International Involvement or International Engagement).

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