Standard Operating Procedure issued by International Office, Tadulako University

  1. Recruitment of Students for International Class [download]
  2. International Students Service in Tadulako University Hostel [download] 
  3. Process of Learning and Receiving Temporary State Permit Card for International Students [download]
  4. Speech Contests and Reading French Articles for International Students [download]
  5. Amplifying the Capacity and Development of Students Through the Speech Contest, Story Telling,and Short French Movie for International Students [download]
  6. The Official Announcement of a French Cultural Center (Warung Prancis) at Tadulako University [download]
  7. Socialized Scholarship, Higher Education and French Culture for University Students and Senior High School Students [download]
  8. Cooperation Between Foreign Institutions and Tadulako University [download]
  9. Academic Service for International Students in Tadulako University [download]
  10. Overseas Scholarship Service in Tadulako University [download]
  11. Enrollment of International Students as Tadulako University Students [download]
  12. The Process of Sending Students Abroad [download
  13. Capacity Building and Students Development through French Language Training for Students [download]
  14. Strengthening of International Class [download]
  15. The Process of Obtaining Permission for Staff of University of Tadulako to Go Abroad [download]
  16. Management Service of Warung Prancis in Tadulako University [download]