The French Institute of Indonesia (IFI) launched the opening of the  Warung Perancis (WP) which is a place for information about France located in Universities in Indonesia. Warung Perancis not only provides information about French culture, but also about studying in France and scholarships offered by the French Government.

Warung Perancis provides books, CDs, DVDs, French magazines and brochures about IFI activities, studying in France and scholarships. Warung France is growing rapidly in the University of all regions of Indonesia, including at the University of Tadulako.

Socialization of French government scholarship by IFI

The Warung Perancis Tadulako is one of 33  offices spread throughout Indonesia. WP Tadulako is an institution that introduces France to the academic community at Tadulako University through several activities or activities in the fields of education and culture.