Monday, March 3rd 2014, American Indonesian Exchange Foundation (AMINEF) came to Tadulako University to offer an opportunity to study in USA by applying to many scholarship programs of Fulbright for any people. This offering scholarship presentation held in Media Center, Untad was officially opened by Head of International Office of Untad, Prof. Mery Napitupulu, M.Sc., Ph.D.
In this time,  accompanied by Prof. Ir. Marsetyo, M.Sc.Ag., Ph.D, deputy of International Office as a moderator, Senior Program Officer of AMINEF, Adeline Widyastuti, explained that based on the AMINEF’s observation, the amount of applicants from Eastern Indonesia is small. “Sulawesi island is in the area of Eastern Indonesia, within Ambon and Maluku. Only few applicants from this area applied for the scholarship. No more than 20 applicants for each year,” said Adeline.
Prof. Marsetyo added that the total of Fulbright scholarship alumni of Untad is only about 14 people. “It’s a very minimal number, but in my experience, the scholarship selection process is not so complicated, compared to other scholarships,” stated this alumnus of Fulbright’s Research Scholarship. “The key is only dare to try and sign up to Fulbright program. If you don’t, impossible to get the scholarship.”
Adeline Widyastuti explained some Fulbright programs at period 2014-2015. Fulbright program is a scholarship program giving a chance to study in America. This program was initiated by Senator J. William Fulbright in 1946 by the vision and mission; to promote mutual understanding between nations for the peace of world.
According to her presentation, AMINEF offers some scholarship programs which are research, training/professionality, student exchange, Master program (S2), and doctoral program (S3). Deadline for S2/S3 program will be on April 15th, 2014. For Research program will be on August 31st, 2014, while for the professional training and student exchange, will be on November 1st, 2014. Each scholarship program has different requirements of application. The application form and related information can be looked at
At the end of her presentation, Adeline hopes that there will be many more applicants from Central Sulawesi, particularly from Tadulako University. She also stated that the applicants from Eastern Indonesia will not compete with other applicants from Java Island. The applicants from Sulawesi will only compete with other applicants from Ambon and Maluku. It’s all for the applicants from Eastern Indonesia have a big opportunity to reach this Fulbright scholarship.

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