Fulbright, which has been known by many countries around the world as one of famous scholarship providers, will come to Tadulako University on Monday, March 3, 2014. The agenda for their coming this time will be; presentation about Fulbright Scholarship, DIKTI-funded Fulbright Scholarship, and other degree scholarships. The scholarships are available for; bachelor holders wanting to continue their study to higher level / degree, academicians wanting to conduct research, academicians wanting to be guest lecturers at universities in USA and academicians wanting to join professional training programs in the year of 2015. All applicant do not have to get LoA from universities in USA. Besides presenting about scholarships, AMINEF also offers a workshop about how to study objective and research proposal.

If you want to join or participate to the program offered by AMINEF-FULBRIGHT at Tadulako university, please contact International Office of Tadulako University for the registration.

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