Scholarship is the support of tuition fees given to students to attend education. Numerous scholarships offered by various parties that can be utilized by the people of Indonesia, both scholarships in the country and abroad. To get a scholarship, there are a number of requirements that must be fulfilled by the scholarship applicants. But still many Indonesian people, especially students in Palu city and surrounding areas that have not known how to complete these requirements and what steps can be done to increase the likelihood of someone getting a scholarship. This is the basis for the holding of this event in May 14th 2016 in auditorium building by the International Office of Universitas Tadulako. In general, this event was aimed to inform people about numerous available scholarships in the country and abroad as well as to add their insights on how to increase the likelihood to get it. The invited speakers for this event were Prof.Ir.Marsetyo.,M.Sc.Ag.Ph.D (the head of International Office and Australian Scholarships awardee), Drs.Sudarkam R Mertosono, MA, Ph.D (the head of UNTAD Language Centre and Australian Scholarships awardee), Drs.Mochtar Marhum, M.Ed.,Ph.d (lecturer and Australian scholarship awardee), Erniwati, S.Pd., M.S.Ed (lecturer and USAID Scholarships awardee) and Rachmania, S.Pd. M.Ed (lecturer and New Zealand Aid Scholarships awardee).

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