As its vision “ toward world class university”, Tadulako University sent eigth students accompanied by two senior lecturers to APU(Asian Pasific University) which is located in Saraburi Province, Thailand to join student exchange program organized by both universities. Last 24th November 2013, Tadulako University sent ten delegations including eight students  (Muh. Fardhal Pratama, Muh. Rizal Faiz, Edi Utomo Putra, Wahyu Priyanto, Ayu Silviany Aprilia Umar, Nyna Amalia, Agus Boice, & Tiara Ramadhani) and two lecturers who are also the officials of International Office Prof. Marsetyo (the secretary of International office) and Dr. Andi Arham Adam (outbound division of International Office). They joint the program for one week. Those students study at two faculties in Tadulako University. There were five students from Agribusiness study program, Agriculture Faculty and three students from Management Study Program, Economics Faculty). They all study at international class at their faculties.

             They went to APU through thigh selection process. It was conducted at International Office of Tadulako University. They were directly interviewed by the International Office officials; Prof. Marsetyo (the secretary of International office) and Dr. Andi Arham Adam (outbound division of International Office) conducted the selection process. They were given both written test and oral test. The students were given written test to know their foreign proficiency that was English. The oral test was interview. The oral test was conducted to know not only their English ability but also to know their culture understanding about Indonesia and Thailand. Moreover, they were asked questions about their sreadiness to go to Thailand (Passport, KTP (Identity Card) and so on).

While in Thailand, at APU, the students from Tadulako University joint several activities of student exchangeprogram, they were academic lecture, APU student activities, joint exercise and art interaction. When arriving at the university, students from UNTAD were welcomed by the student president. They were firstly introduced about the campus by joining campus orientation, including orientation of University and faculty libraries, computer Laboratory, and classroom.

While the lecturers, even though they only accompanied the students to join student exchange program, also did some important activities like joint meeting between International Office Tadulako University and  APU’s President and Lecturers. At the meeting, they discussed about the points of the collaborations between the two universities. Besides joint meeting, they also discussed about the research opportunities and teaching staff exchange between Tadulako University and Asia-Pacific University. The lecturers from  Tadulako University also participated in Community Service of APU.

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