International Office (IO) of UNTAD conducted a seminar for International class students (Wednesday, 26/10). The seminar was conducted with the intent and purpose to provide training in improving capacity of UNTAD students in the international world as well as providing overseas scholarship information. The seminar was held at the Media Center building of UNTAD.
The event was initiated by the International Office of UNTAD, by taking a theme “TRAINING TO IMPROVE STUDENTS’ CAPACITY TOWARD GLOBAL COMPETITIVENESS IN INTERNATIONAL OFFICE”. The head of committe of this seminar, Zarkiani Hasyim, S.Pd.,M.Pd in her report said that the purpose and objective of this training is increasing the capacity of students to be able to compete globally and at the same time providing information to the students of foreign scholarship information.” Furthermore, the head of the committee explained that the activities were presented for all students who are registered as students in the International class in various study programs in Tadulako University.
The head of the committee also suggested that the information obtained by students by attending the seminar is not only to be understood, but should be implemented in real life. “Hopefully this activity provides many benefits to all. We expect that it is not only known but actually implemented in the real world. So students are ready to compete and compete globally ” she added. The opening of the training activities was also was officially oepened and attended by the Vice Rector IV of Development and Cooperation of Tadulako University, Mrs. Mery Napitupulu, MSc., PhD. Prof. Ir. Marsetyo, M.Sc., Agr ,. Ph.D as Head of International Office as well as one of the keynote speakers, Abdul Kamaruddin, S.Pd, .M.Ed ,. Ph.D, the Head of Language Center who was also a Keynote speaker and Manuel Toledo Hernandez foreign students from Mexico.
Vice Rector IV in Development and Cooperation of Tadulako University, Mrs. Prof. Mery Napitupulu, MSc., PhD. In her speech conveyed to all trainees that being an International class student is something to be grateful for, because it is not easy to enter the class. She further explained that the event is a special event for international class students. Prof Mery also conveys that UNTAD through IO will plan to sends more students overseas to join seminar or short courses.

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