International Office has successfully held a seminar called “International Scholarship Engagement” on Tuesday, December 3rd 2019  at the Conference Hall of IT Center in Tadulako University. It was opened by the rector of Tadulako University, Prof. Dr. Ir. Mahfudz, MP where he also suggested the participants to pursue degrees overseas and triggered the students, alumni and lecturers to study English so they can achieve their standard of proficiency in English as it is one of the requirements needed to study overseas. There were four speakers invited in the seminar which all four were very interesting and motivated in presenting some information including their experiences which inspiring all participants attended the seminar. Harri Firmansyah, the CEO of Butterfly Act. Group, as the first speaker, started his talk with some funny joke considered to be motivated as he told a story about himself being struggling to be successful as he is now. He also asked about the importance of being international students and how important capacity is to the participants. In addition, Harri explained about the Neuro Logical Level which was ended with a paper filled with some points of characteristics as the participants had to choose some describing themselves wisely.  The points chosen become very important since they need to give attempts on to be success. This session led them to be enthusiastic on getting know more about international scholarship; DIKTI which was presented by Anis Apriliawati who is also the Directorate General of Science and Technology and Higher Education Resources and another scholarship which is New Zealand Scholarship presented by Annisa Pambayun (Scope Global New Zealand Scholarship) as the next two speakers. Both speakers gave important information of the two scholarships with some tips on how to apply those as well. It was very interesting since the alumnus of LPDP scholarship, Muhammad Nasir considered to be the testimony of the scholarship motivated all participants with some stories of him which he brought on his talk as the last speaker. It could be seen that every participant was inspired by a story where Nasir was too late in studying English but could finally pass the IELTS test after having joint it three times. Moreover, he could get the Loa for studying overseas easily. Some participants gave some questions to all speakers at the end of each session of every speaker as they were interested to know further about the scholarship. Additionally, Prof. Ir. Marsetyo, M.Sc.Ag., PhD who is the head of the International office of Tadulako University and also the alumnus of Australia Awards Scholarship gave great additional information about how to be qualifiedly counted in applying scholarship. At the end of the seminar, Mukrim, S.Pd.,M.Ed.,Ph.D, the Coordinator of Outbound in International Office of Tadulako University engaged students of Tadulako University to join Warung Prancis and gave some information about the community. Besides, he presented some other scholarship including French scholarship afterwards to attract students joining and be active.

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