Taking The theme “Promoting Universities to Become Internationally Recognized”, an International Office Capacity Build Workshop 2016. International Office of Tadulako University (IO-UNTAD) with STIKI Malang collaborated carry out the workshop. This workshop is also held by the MoU signing between Tadulako University (Indonesia) with Sun Moon University (South Korea).

This event was held on 5th September 2016 in conference room of STIKI Malang that presents Two keynote speakers, They are Prof.Dr. Kyungoh Lee delegation from Sun Moon University, South Korea and Prof. Ir. Marsetyo, M.Agr.Sc., Ph.D (Head of the International Office) from Tadulako University, Indonesia.

In this event a great deal about how to build a good collaboration between international offices and how to making international cooperation repute, as well as important things to consider in the process of making the collaborations. In the meeting, Prof. Ir. Marsetyo, M.Agr.Sc., Ph.D and Prof.Dr. Kyungoh Lee discusses about the initiation of cooperation between Tadulako University and Sun Moon University.

A mutual cooperation between Tadulako University, Indonesia and Sun Moon University, Korea has been signed off by the leaders of two institutions.  The signing of memorandum of understanding (MOU) documents was done at STIKI Malang, East Java on 5th September 2016 attended by both delegations and witnessed by a representative from DIKTI Mr. Adhrial Refaddin and Director of STIKI Malang, Dr. Eva Handriyantini, S.Kom.  The delegation from from Tadulako University, represented by Prof. Marsetyo, Head of International Office discussed with the delegation from Sun Moon University represented by Prof. Kyungoh Lee, Director of International Affairs.  Both delegations agreed to cooperate in many areas include:

  1. Development of joint courses and education program
  2. Exchange of credit
  3. Exchange of graduate and undergraduate students for study and research
  4. Exchange professors and researchers
  5. Exchange of information including the exchange of library materials and research
  6. Joint conferences, seminar and workshop
  7. Joint student activities
  8. Joint use of equipments, facilities and resources

This new MOU will strengthen Tadulako University in order to become internationally recognized university, Prof Marsetyo said.

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