Open to eligible candidates from the public, private and civil society sectors.

The New Zealand-ASEAN Scholars Awards seek to empower individuals with the knowledge, skills and qualifications to contribute to sustainable economic, social and political development within ASEAN nations


The New Zealand – ASEAN Scholars Awards seek to make a substantial contribution to the ASEAN region’s development by providing opportunities for postgraduate study – i.e. postgraduate diploma, master’s and doctoral (PhD) degress – in New Zealand.

The New Zealand – ASEAN Scholars Awards (NZ-AS) are part of the New Zealand’s official development assistance to the ASEAN region. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT), delivers this scholarship scheme, through the New Zealand Aid Programme.

Under the NZ-AS Award, up to 50 scholarship per year are available for Indonesian applicants from a total of 182 scholarship allocated to candidates from ASEAN countries. The scholarships are for full time study at one of nine eligible New Zealand higher education instutions.

 Where you can study

You can choose to study at any nine New Zealand higher education, ie : Auckland University of Technology (AUT); Lincoln University; Massey University; University of Auckland; University of Canterbury; University of Otago; Victoria University of Wellington and University of Waiko; as well as Unitec Institute of Techlonology.




Closing date for applications to be submitted to PTAN 22 April 2014
Initial shortlisting of candidates (in consultation with NZ Universities and NZ Embassy) May – September 2014
Final shortlisting and selection process (including interviews) September – November 2014
Successful candidates informed and letter of offer sent out December 2014
Pre-departure briefingEnglish language training commences (for successful candidates who require additional ELT January 2015
Departure for New Zealand February or June 2015

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