The rector of Tadulako University, Prof. Dr. Ir. Muhammad Basir, SE., MS., kindly and happily welcomed the participants of Summer School Program (Monday, 2nd Sept) at IT Center Building of Tadulako University. Not only rector,but the vice rectors, deans, lecturers, and students from different faculties also warmly welcome the participants of the Summer School Program.
“This program can be a good moment for learning, exploring, and continuing the strength of collaboration in the future,” said Prof. Basir.

1. summer foto

Rector of Tadulako University is taking picture with the participants of Summer School Program. (photo: Pujiati Sari/MT)

Summer school program as its theme “In the loop of cacao and oil palm Plantations in Central Sulawesi” is joint by 11 foreign students and 12 students of Tadulako University. Those 11 students are from  Prince of Songkla University of Thailand (4 students), Walailak University of Thailand (2 students), University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Austria (2 students), Mindanao State University of the Philippine (1 student), Hohenheim University of Germany (1 students), and University of Sabah (1 students). Most of the participants are students at the faculty of agriculture, faculty of husbandry and faculty of fishery.
In this program , within 3 weeks (2nd – 22nd September 2013), the participants will study about cacao and oil palm in depth, such as about the plantation, Production and the marketing. They will visit industries of cacao and oil palm existing in Palu, Palolo and Morowali. They will also visit the tourist destination as vocation like Poso Lake and Tanjung Karang Beach.
According to the chairman committee of the program, Dr. Ir. Nur Sangaji, DEA, the theme was selected in consideration that Indonesia is the third biggest cacao producer around the world and in relation to select the oil palm because oil palm is a needed product plant in the world. By that reason those are very important to study in depth.
“This Summer school program is one of the implementation of the rector’s vision and mission to internationalize The University of Tadulako. “Beside studying about cacao and oil palm, they will share culture of their nation each other” said Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Alam Anshary, M.Si, who is the dean of Agriculture Faculty of Tadulako University. I expect in the future that Tadulako University can have other international programs, for example, student exchange or study tour to the universities abroad which have been in collaboration with Tadulako University.

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