International Office of Tadulako University held a Socialization of Higher Education in France and Management Training for Warung Prancis. It was officially opened by Prof. Dr. H. Amar Akbar Ali, ST., MT as the vice rector of development and cooperation Tadulako University on 1st October 2019. This socialization was attended by the alumnus of France university, Ir. Nur Sangaji DEA, some undergraduate students from eleven different faculties and students of Madrasah Aliyah Swasta Putri Aisiyah Palu high school with their French teacher, Herningsih, S.S. The students joint the socialization as participants where they were really enthusiastic to get information about France as well. Ryan Reynaldi, S.S, the speaker, startesd the talk by introducing himself in French to one of the students attending. He asked some familiar stuff in France which students notice and showed some pictures of them on the screen where he also made it like fun quiz since right answer said by participants got a souvenir. He then explained about “French Today’s World” in order to build students awareness and interest since it is predicted that French set to be the most spoken language by 2050. There are also some short profile of Indonesian alumni graduating school in France universities shown on the screen who all are also the famous figures in Indonesia. Moreover, he also gave good information about 600 Indonesia students  studying in France by 350.000 international students. This information turned to be more interesting since all participants know the higher degree system in France including the standard of DEFL (Diplôme d’études en langue française) to join France universities, Eifel scholarship, the study for any programs and living cost presented by the speaker. This socialization considered to be motivated as some students gave some questions to the speaker related to the information about studying in France afterwards. It is finally ended with fun game where participants were asked to write down sentences in short dialogue mentioned by the speaker correctly. All participants enjoyed the game and six of them read the correct sentences typed and shown by the speaker on the screen in front of others.

This activity was continued by Management Training for Warung Prancis which were joint by students of Banua Prancis Community. Rian shared some ideas related to the future programs of Warung Prancis organized by the students of the community in order to make them hold some applicable programs or activities for other students.  

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