International Office organizes an annual socialization which is called as Scheme for Academic Mobility and Exchange (SAME) program in order to improve the quality of human resources in Tadulako Univesity on February 21st  2019, where four speakers; Prof. Dr. Ramadhanil Pitopang, M.Si, Andi Arham, ST., M.Si., Ph.D, Ir. Ramal Yusuf, S.Si., M.Sc and Elisa Sesa, S.Si., M.Si., Ph.D who are also the alumni of this program were invited to give the information including the requirements to the lecturers attending the socialization.

Scheme for Academic Mobility and Exchange (SAME) is a program sending or inviting qualified professor or lecturer who at least have their doctoral degree from our home country overseas or vice versa to improve their research, update the lesson plan and teaching method compatibly with the latest developments in the world of international education. This program has also a function to supervise doctoral students (Ph.D joint supervision) to lecturers who still continue their studies overseas from our university in doing double degree collaboration, consolidation and increased network of master and doctoral degree collaboration, do joint research and write scientific papers simultaneously.

The aim of this program is to obtain avowal internationally in master and doctoral double degree programs. This program can also increase the number of international publications and accreditation, and academic institutional collaboration sustainability.

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