On March 20th 2019, International Office held a workshop which is called as a Socialization of Scholarship, Roadshow of Youth Exchange and “Kapal Pemuda Nusantara” for the first time.

Going abroad is easy if you have some abilities such as introducing your cultural and traditional music or instruments and songs overseas. It is also important for you to have public speaking skill as you can easily adapt with new people and circumstances. Youth Exchange Program is a program you can join to improve your talent and achieve new experience as what had been presented by three speakers; Agung Dermawan (ASEAN_India Student Exchange Programme), Muh. Rivaldi Lolong (Indonesia – Korea Youth Exchange Programme) and Iyut Yulistya (Australia Youth Exchange Programme). Two countries; Malaysia (for woman) and Korea (for man) will be the next destination for this exchange programme in this year.

Besides, getting scholarship is another great way as you can pursue your degree overseas. Two speakers; Mukrim, M.Ed., P.hD  and Nov Irmawati Inda, P.hD had not only explained how to get the scholarship but also presented some types of scholarship we can join to get our degrees overseas. To obtain great achievement is not only the way we can apply overseas, but also in our home country as we have a scholarship named “Beasiswa Unggulan Kemendikbud” which also can be applied to get degrees in our (home) country. Firmansyah, S.Si., M.Sc, the alumnus of this scholarship, explained that this scholarship is a good way for us to do our study as it is still a new scholarship which the level of competition is not really as difficult as other scholarships are.

The last speaker, Fathur Abizar who is also the alumnus of KPN (Kapal Pemuda Nusantara) gave such an ice breaker for the participants attending the socialization to banish boredom. He also explained how to join the program shortly and interestingly as lots of participants were interested to ask questions for him and other speakers enthusiastically.

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