Prof. Tes Toop who was the representative from Deakin University is presenting her research paper as  one of the speakers of the international seminar at IT Center Building, Tadulako University.

In it’s 32nd age, Tadulako University shows its identity as the pride university in Central Sulawesi Province. It was stated by the Rector of Tadulako University, Prof. Dr. Ir. Muhammad Basir, SE.,MS. in a closing ceremony of an event that the university has been starting to do internationalization processes. One of the processes is by developing network with institutions including universities existing in Indonesia and universities abroad.

On Friday, 30th August 2013, Tadulako University held an international seminar themed “Strengthening International Research Collaboration Between Tadulako University and University Partners”, A seminar which is organized by International Office of Tadulako University in strengthening collaboration with partner universities such as, Deakin University (Australia), Walailak University (Thailand), Kyoto Prefectural University (Japan), and Toyama Prefectural University (Japan).

The Seminar held at Convention Hall Media Center UNTAD was directly opened by the rector and all academic society of the university including vice rectors, the chairman of consideration affairs, deans, directors, vice deans, vice directors, lecturers and students.

The head of International Office Tadulako University, Prof. Dra. Mery Napitupulu, M.Sc.,Ph.D. as the organizer of the event stated that this seminar of strengthening research collaboration is one of several kinds of MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) between Tadulako University and the four universities as mentioned before. “There are still several kinds of MoU and this is a seminar exchange between Tadulako University and the four universities”, said Prof. Mery.

In addition, Prof. Mery said, Tadulako University will also visit the four universities in the future to present research papers from Tadulako University. “We expect in the future that Tadulako University can maximally keep collaborating with the partner universities”, said Prof. Mery.

The seminar was attended by speakers from the four university partners to present their research paper; Prof. Dr. Ir. Muhammad Basir, SE.MS. from Tadulako University, Prof. Tes Toop from Deakin University, Ass. Prof. Potjamarn Suranipong and Ass. Prof. Dr. Chatchai Kanlayanapaphon from Walailak University, and Prof. Takashi Shiina, Ph.D. from Kyoto Prefectural University.

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