Again, Tadulako University showed its willing to achieve its mission “Toward World Class University”, Tadulako University broadens collaborations with leading universities from abroad. On Monday, 12th Febryary 2014, the representative from the two universities signed Mou held in Media Center of Tadulako university. Tadulako University was represented by the rector Prof. Muhammad Basir, M.S  and Head of International office and form APIU represented by Dr. Loren George Agrey. In the signing of MoU, international office as the initiator of this event invited all vice rectors, deans, and head of departments existing at the university. The even also was attended by the director of APIU Post Graduate Study. Both parties wish to establish mutual collaboration to the academic education and development. The signing of the MoU was about students and staff exchange, joint research, participation in seminar and academic meetings, exchange of materials and academic information, publication activities of mutual interests and joint degree. The Mou was signed for 5 years starting from the date of its signing of both parties.

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